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Growing Your Vision.

I'm a creative specialist who is proficient in branding, advertising, infographics and presentations.

I'll make your vision come to life.



As you browse my site, take a few moments to let your eyes linger here, and see if you can get a feel for my signature touch.

Abstract Futuristic Background

About Sue.


I am a talented and experienced graphic designer with a passion for creative and unique designs. I have honed my skills and developed an individual style that sets me apart from others. I take pride in my work and my ability to adapt easily to any situation. I'm a quick learner and divergent thinker who is committed to delivering high-quality designs that exceed my clients' expectations. My portfolio showcases a range of projects that demonstrate my ability to create impactful graphics for various industries.


During my career I have worn many hats. I like the challenge of taking on new projects and have proven myself time and again as a leader and self-motivated professional. In my last role, a need had arisen and I stepped up to the plate and put on my administrative hat. I became the point person for new hire onboarding, scheduling and catering meetings for senior executives, employee engagement and communication. It was a task that I owned and enjoyed as I was able to add my artistic flourish to these tasks.


I love the outdoors. I'd rather be outside in my garden than on the couch any day of the week. I have a passion for the environment and do my best to lead by example and inspire people on ways to protect our ecosystem. Even in the eye of my logo are the symbols for earth, air, water and fire. I like science and history and often take a deep dive on a fact that I heard on a podcast. I have two young sons and they keep my husband and me busy with activities and interests. We are a foody family and lately have been experimenting with new cuisines at dinner time. We love to travel and try to take a family trip every few years. We also like to experiment with local cuisines and activities native to the places we visit. I've enjoyed every stage of my kid’s growth, but lately I've really enjoyed watching them grow into mature young men.


My skill set allows me to bring together

art and technology, where design principles meet mastery of software.


Digital & Print Layout

Color Theory



Personality and soft skills are as important as hard skills. My traits enable a good working relationship with peers and clients to set us up for success in the workplace.


Problem solver

Efficient time management

Team player


Client and Vendor relationships

Effective communicator

Quick learner

Divergent and analytical thinker

Highly organized

Deadline driven

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Design fueled by creativity.

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